• MEDoA 2024

    Transform Canadian Medical Training.

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    What is MEDoA?

    The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) is hosting our second annual Medical Education Day of Action (MEDoA) when medical students meet with Members of Parliament (MPs) following a day of training on April 14, 2023. This year, we will advocate for topics related to medical training, including the ongoing shortage of residency spots, issues in primary care, and physician wellness.


    Delegates will participate in virtual advocacy training prior to meeting with MPs, Senators, and Provincial politicians - no prior advocacy experience is required. This is an excellent opportunity for medical students interested in health advocacy or medical education and for an opportunity to apply these skills in a rare and exciting opportunity to spark meaningful change in Canadian medical education.

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    Who Should Participate?

    As medical students, it’s easy to forget that you are a key stakeholder in how your education and the broader healthcare system is structured. Policy makers are excited to hear from the physicians of tomorrow about what changes need to be made. We encourage all Canadian medical students, Anglophone and Francophone who have an interest in shaping medical education from a policy level to participate in the MEDoA. Participation is by signup and no application is required this year!


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    Training Day

    In person training will take place on the final day (14/04/24) of the Canadian Medical Student Conference which will include keynote speakers who are leaders in their respective field of healthcare advocacy. The training day is meant to give background on the current challenges in Canadian medical education as well as an opportunity to practice political advocacy skills in preparation for meetings with MPs.

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    Meetings With MPs

    Unlike last year where our delegates met with MPs in parliament hill, we will be hosting our meetings virtually to increase the number and accessibility of meetings and hopefully, the impact of the MEDoA. Students must attend the day of training either in person or virtually to be eligible to meet with MPs and discuss policy change on the medical education system.


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    Reach us at MEDoA@cfms.org