• Our Partners

    The CMSC is made possible thanks to our generous partners and sponsors.

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    Canadian Federation of Medical Students

    As the national voice for medical students, the CFMS has initiated this unique opportunity for Canadian medical students from across the country to gather and discuss important topics regarding medical education, advocacy, global health, wellness, and more!

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    MD Financial Management + Scotiabank

    Our generous sponsors at MD Financial Management and Scotiabank have enabled us to run the Travel Equity Fund to help more students attend our events in an equitable manner, the CFMS-MD Financial Leadership Awards to recognize outstanding medical students at each of our member schools, and host the Medical Education Day of Action (MEDoA) prioritizing national advocacy for learner's needs.

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    We have partnered with AFMC to provide CMSC attendees full access to all ICAM events in Vancouver from April 12-15. Medical students will have the opportunity to present their work, network and connect with mentors and prospective employers. Be sure to attend the Learner Forum on April 14th!

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    Canadian Medical Association

    We have partnered with the CMA to develop the CFMS-CMA Leadership Awards, to recognize three medical students who exemplify leadership particularly in addressing diversity and equity in medicine and have demonstrated advocacy in areas of racial, gender, and disability justice.

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    The CFMS-CPAMD Humanitarian Award was developed to encourage innovative humanitarian initiatives dedicated towards creating change. CFMS and CPAMD wish to recognize a medical student who is going above and beyond as an aspiring medical professional exemplifying leadership and striving to improve the lives of others in their community.