• Register for CMSC 2024

    Medical Student Admission: Full access CMSC Registration including ICAM. In-person registration fee is $205.00 per delegate. This fee includes attendance to CMSC, CFMS SGM and all ICAM activities, meals, and social events from April 11-15. *Note: after the registration deadline has passed, each individual attendee will receive a separate email confirming your ICAM registration.


    CMSC-Only Registration: Registration fee of $45, for those who are already registered for ICAM and would like to attend CMSC. *Note: all CMSC attendees must be registered for ICAM.

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    Travel Equity Fund & Early Bird Deadline: 


    March 1st 2024


    Final Full Access Registration Deadline:


    April 1st 2024


    CMSC-Only Registration Deadline:


    April 10th 2024